Great Wall Hiking
Great Wall Hiking
Lifetime Great Wall Experience Creator Since 2009

“We were put into Two big Kangs (rock-hard local earth beds) for ladies and gentlemen separately…”

Our Story

The first time I went to Jiankou Great Wall was in 2006. I’ve been engaged in tour leading for 5 years then, however it’s a completely different experience for me. I was surprised that all clients were very excited to see the Wall and then hiked on the Wall, though the accommodation and food were very basic. 

Actually there’s not enough space for a group of 10 people in the local farmer’s house. It turned out that we were put into two big Kangs (rock-hard local earth beds) for ladies and gentlemen separately. I tried to understand the significance of hiking on the Great Wall of China. I did a lot research about the Wall and led more hiking groups on the Wall.

One day one of the clients asked if I could set up my own private business. It sounds a great idea!

Great Wall Hiking then came into being in October 2009. 

We offers a wide variety of hiking trips on the Great Wall, from one-day trip to nine-day trip. We know the details of each section of the wall around Beijing, thus can provide a better itinerary and service. Mainly the trips are private groups, and special requirements can be customized by request.

We pursue a sustainable development with the local community, employ local guides, support local guesthouses and contribute to local projects. 

Traveling with us and you will have a lifetime experience on the Great Wall of China.

Gary Lee

Owner & Director