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China will end covid restrictions for international travelers starting on January 8, 2023

12.27.2022 12:01 Comment(s) By vivian

China has finally decided to reomve travel restrictions for international arrivals after a long-term covid-zero policy in the past 3 years, its top health authority announced Monday.

The specific policies are as following:
Incoming travelers will be required to show only a negative PCR test within 48 hours before boarding;
No health code required when boarding the plane;
No mandatory centralized quarantine/isolation for international arrivals;

Measures to control international flights will be lifted;

China will further optimize arrangements for foreigners returning to China for work resumption, business, study, family visits, and reunions, and provide visa facilities accordingly.

Though there's no indication when the tourism visa wil be resumed, it's expected that the visa policy will be released in March at the latest. 

We look forward to seeing more international travelers on the Great Wall of China this summer!


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